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Summit Water Resources has more than 75 years of combined experience in the development of municipal, agricultural, and industrial groundwater supply, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), water supply planning, and strategic water right management. We focus on developing resilient water supply and water resource management strategies for our clients within a complex regulatory system and an ever-changing world. We are client-focused and are committed to providing solutions that ensure secure and reliable water supply while balancing natural fluctuations and environmental constraints.

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Jason Melady, RG, CWRE

Principal Hydrogeologist

503 799-2198

Larry Eaton, RG, LHG

Principal Hydrogeologist

503 781-3486

Ted Ressler, RG, CWRE, PG
Senior Hydrogeologist and
Water Resources Consultant


DeEtta Fosbury, RG

Senior Hydrogeologist


Summit Water Resources is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geo-Logic Associates, Inc. (GLA). An employee-owned, multidisciplinary environmental, civil and geotechnical engineering consulting firm, GLA has more than 250 employees located in 28 offices in the U.S. and abroad. GLA and its affiliates, Clear Creek Associates, Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Geo-Logic Peru, Kunkel Engineering Group, The MINES Group, and Summit Water Resources provide solutions to challenges for landfills, mines, contaminated sites, municipal projects, natural resources, and water resources.

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